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Protocol: The glassware. Types of drinks and their placement

The building blocks with which we have a crystal are water glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses and liqueur glasses.

Glassware, like dishes, brand and distinguish a table. If you want to opt for an elegant table designs simple and clear glass (avoid the use of glasses of color). The colored glassware should be used only for informal occasions.

The great diversity in types of glasses can be said is unlimited. Each drink has its cup, in most cases. All parts can be found in the widest variety of designs, shapes and colors. We can list a few: Brandy glass, cocktail glass, glass of liqueur, whiskey, beer mug, wine glass, etc.

The glasses, and any piece of glass are very bright if the scrub with a mixture of vinegar and water and allowed to dry in a colander without rubbing it with any cloth. If the glass is very thin watch changes in temperature or to scrub out of the dishwasher as this may crack or break some parts. If you have any other stuck, never use a steel wool can scratch your glassware.

Do not use the cup as a napkin. Avoid putting the napkin in the cups, at least in formal meals. If there are two glasses of wine, white wine is usually smaller, because this type of wine should be taken "cold" and uses fewer, but more times. No usual place at the table more than 4 types of drinks.