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Czech National simbols

The state emblems of the Czech Republic are: the Great and Little state emblem, state colors, state flag, the flag of the President, the seal and the national anthem.

The flag was created in 1920. The colors represent the flag has historical significance. White is the traditional color of Bohemia and represents the sky, Moravia is represented by the red symbolizes the blood shed to achieve freedom from the state. Blue is the traditional symbol of Slovakia and represents imperialism and sovereignty. The Czech Republic kept this flag after its division in 1993, when Czechoslovakia split into two independent states.




The large shield represents the three provinces of the current Czech Rep.. The two lions symbolize power and sovereignty meaning Bohemia. The crowned eagle with red and silver symbolizes Moravia and black crowned eagle, part of Silesia.







The crown jewels of Czech kings consist of:

■The Crown of St. Wenceslas of the Czech Kingdom (qv image, made in the year 1346 and stored in the "House of the crown jewels" in the Cathedral of St. Vitus in Prague)

■The crown of the Holy Roman Empire (built in the eleventh century, preserved in Vienna)

■The Crown of the Austrian Empire (made in 1607, kept in Vienna). Can only open the "House of the crown jewels" in Prague those who hold the key: the Archbishop, the Chairman, the Mayor of Prague, the Prime Minister Head of Government, the head of the Senate and the Abbot of St. Vitus Cathedral .