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Making of Bohemian Crystal

THE BOHEMIA CRYSTAL HAND CUT is an artistic and decorative glass that has been exported and produced in Czech and Slovak lands since medieval times. This extraordinary tradition has been gradually developed into a synthesis of art and industry, driven by the skill and imagination of many generations of artisan glass makers, glass blowers and glass cutters. The art and technique of cutting glass is entirely handmade, in most cases inherited from parents to children.

The Czech glass composition makes it suitable for cutting glass since it is only the glass is at least 24% of lead (PbO), which makes it softer and easier to record.

It is believed that the Bohemian cut crystal was developed in the court of Rudolph II in late 1500. In later centuries the technique was perfected. Gradually learned to remove certain elements to achieve a pure glass, or to add your color (cobalt blue makes it dark). In the eighteenth century Czech glass was well appreciated throughout Europe.

There are several very important characteristics that distinguish the hand-cut crystal glassware typical.The most notable differences are the greatest weight and the shape and density of the cuts. All items in our catalog are made of glass containing 24% PbO.

Many figures of glass artisans create ornaments and figures with the technique of blowing. A continuación figura el significado de algunos símbolos tradicionales: The following is the meaning of some traditional symbols:

The development of Bohemian crystal pieces carved by hand is a very elaborate process. Each piece is produced entirely by hand (without using any serial production) and then cut to form a single piece, fascinating and extraordinary. There are no items stored and only a very limited number of pieces are produced each month.

The hand-cut crystal is not never happens in fashion and is an excellent and original gift that can be done! It is the best gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, tributes and of course, a magnificent decorative objects for your home. Bohemian crystal, hand-carved is unique for its special features, parts very competitive and have achieved worldwide fame.