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The glass in the Czech Republic has a long tradition and the "Bohemian glass" in the world is today a household name. The glassware was developed later than the thirteenth century, particularly in the mountainous regions of the Jizera Mountains and the Mountains of Lusatia, thanks to local raw materials available. El cristal decorativo y la porcelana se los producen también en otras regiones, por ejemplo en la localidad de Dubí y en Nová Role. The decorative glass and porcelain were also produced in other regions, eg in the town of Dubie and Nová Role. .







Lead crystal

The glass is much brighter, more sound resonates and is more resistant than the best glass, because its components are of higher quality. Por ejemplo, el cristal de Bohemia, según la ley, como mínimo contiene 24 % de óxido plúmbico PbO. For example, Bohemian glass, by law, at least contains 24% PbO plumbic oxide. The crystal quality is also affected by the manufacturing methods, so choose carefully not only materials but also input each level of the production process is strictly controlled. Among the decorations are typical Czech eg. numerous calls filigree decorations, illustrating the work of the Czech school of carving. Hundreds of thousands of complex labyrinths, as if they were cobwebs of fine grooves, decorated with products from different forms perfect figures, all this comes from the hands of its creators by disc carving. These decorations highlight the beauty fully sparkling lead crystal.

The Czech notched rich products are proof of the skill and sensitivity for manual labor that can not be replaced by any machine. The result is a perfect product admired in all continents .

Cut glass
Moser glassware manufactured by more than 140 years of decorative and fancy crystal glasses, classic and modern. Ludwig Moser. The glass factory was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by the engraver of glass, Ludwig Moser. His descendants continued his work and failed to establish world-renowned.

Although the world-renowned glass, Moser signature does not contain lead, glass is considered natural for their complex chemical composition, hardness, remarkable clarity and overall high quality. A secret recipe for making it rock hard glass and crystal clear as the lead. The Moser is the Rolls Royce of Bohemian crystal, is something the world personalities involved or receive as gifts. In the past, the clientele and regular fans were the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, the Italian king Victor Emmanuel III, Pope Pius XI, the Shah of Persia, the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia Jordan's King Hussein, King Edward VII, the British queen Elizabeth II and Alexandra and dozens of other monarchs, Maharajas, princes, presidents and ambassadors, the last time you can name, eg. Pope John Paul II, again the Queen Elizabeth II and Japanese Emperor Akihito also.

Everything that comes out of the Moser glass factory is suitable as a collector's item. Among the current range of the Moser glass factory, of course, most games are required to drink table. Every game has received its name according to your property or your name is directly related to a prominent personality, place or historical period (eg. "Prima donna" in the collection Splendid). Variety of glassware Moser glass is also a style that somewhat differs from the typical production - "Colossal Chalice" also known as the famous "dancing glasses."

Using the crystal composition, known only by Moser, neck-cup gets exceptional elasticity, which allows rotation of the cup on the bottom. This possibility of rotation due to the specific shape of the cup in which special attention was given to the optimum position of the equilibrium point, which is important for the stability of the cup in turn.

The story of colossal cup began in 1956 when its creator was busy with the idea of the vessel to employ, as an artist glazier, in a toast with friends. Concluded that a glass would be entirely different from those of today. His opinion should be a surprise prepared for each guest individually, something like a cup made to "measure". Human traits divided into six different types and created six cups, which were differentiated by shape, height and volume. He named each of the cups, according to the characteristic of the face (according to the constitution physiognomic): Berta la Gorda, chubby, moon-faced, long face, and Lady Lean Altote. Each cup is unique, each has its own tune and tone, and each sounds differently. The toast is accompanied with enchanting melodies, which commemorates the ringing of bells. The colossal cocktail club were accepted a number of notable personalities. Among the members of this club are eg. members of royal families, film stars and well known jazz musicians .