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Czech Airlines is the Czech national airline and the oldest Czech Republic, and is located at the airport in Prague Ruzyne International. The airline connects with all major European destinations and transit centers in North America, Asian countries, the Middle East and North Africa and moved more than 2 million people per year. This airline has a daily passenger project called "OK Plus Frequent Flyer Programme".

Czech Airlines (CSA) is among the oldest airlines in Europe, serving since 1923. So far today have accumulated a great experience and have become a modern airline has awards for the quality of their services.

Czech Airlines was founded as Czechoslovak State Airlines on October 6, 1923. The first passenger transport flight took place on October 29, 1923 from Prague to Bratislava when the captain, Karel Brabenec traveled the distance of 321 km with an Aero A-14 aircraft (Brandenburg).

The Czech Airlines aircraft fleet consists of 38 types of modern and safe aircraft from three manufacturers - Airbus, Boeing and ATR.

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Czech Republic Address: Building APC, Jana Kaspara 1, Ruzyne Airport, 160 08 Prague, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 2 2056 1993
Callsign: CSA-LINES

Country: Czech Republic

Other useful information on Czech Airlines
Check in time: 2 h
Acceptance Time: 45 min

Embarked baggage allowance: 20 kg
Hand baggage allowance: 12 kg (max 56x45x25 cm)
Excess baggage fee: CZK 300 per kg
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Czech Airlines flies to these cities:

A>Almatý ,Amsterdam ,Atenas ,Atlanta A> Almaty, Amsterdam, Athens, Atlanta
B>Barcelona ,Bari ,Barnaul ,Basilea ,Beirut ,Belgrado ,Berlín ,Bilbao ,Bolonia ,Bratislava ,Brno ,Bruselas ,Bucarest ,Budapest ,Burdeos ,Burgas B> Barcelona, Bari, Barnaul, Basel, Beirut, Belgrade, Berlin, Bilbao, Bologna, Bratislava, Brno, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Bordeaux, Burgas
C>Catania ,Ciudad de Kuwait ,Colonia ,Copenhague ,Cracovia C> Catania, Kuwait City, Cologne, Copenhagen, Krakow
D>Damasco ,Donetsk ,Dusseldorf D> Damascus, Donetsk, Dusseldorf
E>Ekaterimburgo ,El Cairo ,Ereván ,Estambul ,Estocolmo ,Estrasburgo E> Yekaterinburg, Cairo, Yerevan, Istanbul, Stockholm, Strasbourg
F>Fráncfort F> Frankfurt
G>Génova G> Genoa
H>Hamburgo ,Hanóver ,Helsinki ,Hurgada H> Hamburg, Hanover, Helsinki, Hurghada
J>Járkov J> Kharkov
K>Kiev ,Kosice K> Kiev, Kosice
L>Lárnaca ,Ljubljana ,Londres ,Luxemburgo ,Luxor ,Lviv ,Lyon L> Larnaca, Ljubljana, London, Luxembourg, Luxor, Lviv, Lyon
M>Madrid ,Marsella ,Milán ,Minsk ,Moscú ,Múnich M> Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Minsk, Moscow, Munich
N>Nápoles ,Nueva York N> Naples, New York
O>Odesa ,Omsk ,Oslo ,Ostrava O> Odessa, Omsk, Oslo, Ostrava
P>París ,Poprad ,Praga P> Paris, Poprad, Prague
R>Riga ,Rímini ,Roma ,Rostov-on-Don R> Riga, Rimini, Rome, Rostov-on-Don
S>Samara ,San Petersburgo ,Skopie ,Sofía ,Stuttgart S> Samara, St. Petersburg, Skopje, Sofia, Stuttgart
T>Tallin ,Taskent ,Tel Aviv ,Tesalónica ,Tiflis ,Toronto ,Toulouse T> Tallinn, Tashkent, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Tbilisi, Toronto, Toulouse
V>Varna ,Varsovia ,Venecia ,Vilna V> Varna, Warsaw, Venice, Vilnius
Z>Zagreb ,Zilina ,Zurich Z> Zagreb, Zilina, Zurich