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Tourism Bohemia in the Czech Republic

Bohemia is a plateau surrounded by high mountain ranges like the Bohemian Forest, the Erzgebirge, the peaks of Bohemia-Moravia and Krkonoše. The main rivers are the Elbe (known locally as the Labe) and its tributary, the Vltava and Ohře.

In this section, we briefly explain the most important tourist can visit if you perform in each of the parties that can divide Bohemia, which are


Next to each description, add a map indicating the part of Bohemia referred.

Central Bohemia
As shown on the map, almost all central Bohemia can be explored easily from Prague day trips, where you can enjoy castles, palaces and ancient cities.


- Visit the castles of Karlstejn and Konopiště. Karlstejn, a castle built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. as a site of deposition of the royal treasures in 1348, is an essential visit.

- Visit the city of Kutna Hora, cultural heritage of UNESCO. In this city are the beautiful cathedral of Santa Barbara and the ossuary in Sedlec, where you can admire the art of arranging bones.

- Visit, which offers a romantic nature full of ravines and rocks, which hide among other monuments.

-Taste the views and wines Mělník.





South Bohemia

The South Bohemia region contains landscapes filled with countless ponds, pine forests and charming towns and villages with traces of a rich history.

The highlight of this region is:

- Visit Cesky Krumlov, must see this beautiful city. The illustration and the properties of noble lineage left their imprint on the unique beauty of cultural and historical wealth, which influences mixed Germanic Anglo-Saxon, Slavic and Italian. Dozens of palaces and castles that will make an unforgettable experience. We recommend climbing the tower of the castle and enjoy the stunning views.

- Taste the original Budweiser beer from Ceske Budejovice.






Western Bohemia

We invite you to a region of healing springs, rich history, fascinating nature and hospitable people. Here you will find the unique atmosphere of the spa towns and a number of notable historical monuments.

No other region in the world that can compare successfully with the area within the triangle of Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně as to the existence of curative mineral springs.

The highlight of this region is:
- Visit Karlovy Vary, undoubtedly the flagship of the trio of spas. It is the oldest spa, most famous and largest of the Czech Republic. The symbol of the city is Vřídlo (Hot Spring) with a flow of 2,000 liters per minute that comes to a height of 15 meters. The city has a lot of architectural monuments, are the neo-Renaissance Mlýnská Kolonáda (Mill Colonnade), the spa I modern style, the Spa of Cesar V, the Municipal Theatre of modern style, the Grandhotel Pupp, the Poštovní dvůr ( Post Court) classical style, the Zámecká Kolonáda (Colonnade Palace) and the Sadová Kolonáda (Colonnade de la Huerta) and the classicist Richmond hospital.
When you go, you should not test the thirteenth source or Becherovka, spa wafers (oplatky) or buy the famous Moser glass and porcelain of Karlovy Vary.

- In Marienbad enjoy the culture in one of their elegant summer music festivals, apart from enjoying this city is an architectural pearl ring set in a park resort of unique beauty.

- In Pilsen beer in the many beer bars in the city par excellence. De aquí proviene el término "Pilsen". From this comes the term "Pilsen".

Northern Bohemia

Apparently northern Bohemia reveals the turbulent recent past of the region, with a tired and leaden landscape caused by an industrial environment. However, this region lies abundant natural and architectural beauties.

The tourist region of Northern Bohemia is part of the Liberec Region and is divided into four other tourist areas: Giant Mountains, Lusatian Mountains and Cresta Ještěd Frýdlant Region and the Jizera Mountains.
The cities of the region have a rich tradition of glass dating from the Middle Ages. The current center of the glass industry is the triangle of cities Chřibská with the oldest glass factory in Europe (still operating), Nový Bor, a museum of industrial glass and Kamenický Šenov, where the school of Europe's oldest glass.

The most important places of North Bohemia are:

- Liberec, a city where the dominant feature is the unusual modern structure with a restaurant, a transmitter and a gazebo that forms the natural peak of Mount Ještěd.

- Jablonec nad Nisou, a town of modern, world renowned for its production of glass and jewelry.

- The fortress of Terezin, a former Nazi concentration camp.

- Circumventing primitive guns and strange natural formations in the sandstone rocks of the Elbe.


Eastern Bohemia

In the region of Eastern Bohemia are the highest Czech mountains, Krkonoše (Giant Mountains), the romantic region of Cesky Raj (Bohemian Paradise) with impossible landscapes carved into the sandstone or the labyrinth of rocky hills of system-Asrspach Teplice. I also have historic sites and monuments, stunning architecture or industry whose importance transcends the boundaries of the Czech Republic. Regarding industry, highlights the Škoda - Volkswagen, located in Mladá Boleslav.

Highlights of East Bohemia is:

- Visit the region of Cesky Raj (Czech Paradise) and discover the spectacular scenery with castles and sandstone formations.

- A few miles east of Mladá Boleslav is one of the most beautiful Czech castles and best preserved, Kost (Bone). In summer take place in the village at the foot of the castle tournament fencing, antique market and other activities. You can also see the exhibition on torture and other curiosities.
Stands in Mladá Boleslav Škoda-Volkswagen. It began in 1895, when Václav Laurin and Václav Klement began manufacturing its first bicycles under the brand of Slavia. Business success increased with the production of motorcycles which were soon replaced by cars. The first model "Voiturette" appeared in 1905, production of Škoda cars made it a tradition and today is part of the Škoda-Volkswagen consortium.

- Walking around Kuks, if you want to enjoy the better to see history, architecture and art. The interest awakened the sculpture gallery of Virtues and Vices, especially the workshop of the sculptor MB Braun. In terms of architecture, is also very interesting Hradex Kralove.

- Discover Litomyšl, historic Czech city that has been a center of culture and scholarship for centuries and where we can relax in its beautiful main square.

- Enjoy the rustic alpine Sněžkou Pec Pod, on top of the Krkonoše mountains. Here you can enjoy the cable car that reaches the highest mountain in Bohemia - Sněžka and was inaugurated in 1949.