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Bohemia (in Czech and Slovak Čechy) is one of the three historical regions that comprise the Czech Republic, formerly part of Czechoslovakia. The other two regions are Moravia and Silesia.

Bohemia occupies 52 768 km ² and its capital Prague. Bounded on the north by Poland to the east, the regions of Moravia and Silesia, the south by Austria and Germany to the west and northwest.

The name Bohemia is derived from the Boii, a Celtic people who inhabited this area around the V century a. C. C. The Boii were driven out by the Germanic tribe of the Marcomanni to the first century AD Among the V and VIII, Bohemia was occupied by Slavs and, later, by the Avars.

Here in invite you to visit this beautiful region, historical, cultural and full of surprises that will surely make your trip to the Czech Republic worthwhile. We support a number of sections where you can find a selection of what to see, what to do. Also some travel tips to plan your stay in Czech Republic and where to get cheap flights. Soon we will be adding more sections to know where to eat and where to stay, etc.

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■ Travel to Prague, what to see and do in the capital of Bohemia.

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